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About me

My name is Danny Franklin and I am a Computer Science student in Stafford, UK. I am currently in the process of setting up my own business called "DACCAA". DACCAA operates in many areas, the most prominent is DACCAA Creative. DACCAA Creative is our external web development section where we will work with clients to create their websites for them and help establish their business new or old.

DACCAA Studios is the part of DACCAA that specialises in game and app development. We are working on a couple of games currently, but you can find out more about our projects at the DACCAA Studios official site.

DACCAA Web is the part of DACCAA that works on all internal services. This includes our services like DACCAA Fitness, DACCAA Articles, DACCAA Events and so on.

I am a:
Web Developer
Video Editor
Image Editor
Office User
iOS User
24 Year Old

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My mission in life is to help people by creating different technological solutions to make everyone's life easier.
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