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DACCAA has always been my passion. I started DACCAA way back in 2012 (gosh, that is 11 years ago) with the aim of creating a new way to search. Already, at the age of 13, I had recognised the need for new ways to exist. At the time people wanted cooler features on search engines, so I hooked up to Google Custom Search and gave them those features. Now, DACCAA has a slightly different ethos, DACCAA cares about privacy and our users, we want to make services that help them live a better life.


Businesses I have helped

These are just some of the businesses I have helped. If you are interested in getting help with your business, please get in touch with DACCAA Creative.

Elements Fitness & Wellbeing Logo

Elements Fitness & Wellbeing

Elements Fitness & Wellbeing required a brand new website to help complete a rebranding phase. The website was one of the first websites I made detect device theme preference and thus completely update the style depending on if the user has light or dark mode enabled. The website needed to suit a health and fitness environment and I feel this was achieved with happiness with the client.

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Macro Café Logo

Macro Café

The Macro Café wanted a brand new website to engage with their customers with. The Macro Café had a vision for healthier food provided in a gym and I was responsible for making sure that this vision was carried out in a web-based format. The website needed to be unique and clealry convey who they are as a brand and express that this is a local business. The end result achieved all those goals and left the client very happy.

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Paws Services Logo

Mucky Boots

Mukcy Boots is a gardening services business. Mucky Boots required an online presence to showcase their gardening services, they also required help setting up all of their social media channels and teaching how to use the tools provided (by the social media platforms) to engage with their audience. The end result was with the client really pleased with the work done and many satisfied customers since.

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Paws Services Logo

Paws Services

Paws Services is a brand new dog walking business. Paws Services required a complete brand creation, I designed the logo's, flyers, business cards and the website for Paws Services. The task was to elegantly present the services offered by Paws Services in a modern yet friendly way. The end result was very well received by both the client and their customers.

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